Thursday, September 18, 2008


iMedia's Brand Summit wrapped up earlier this week in San Diego, and as part of Tuesday's keynote session they had Mark Kvamme, general partner at Sequoia Capital, speak.

Selfishly, we weren't as interested in what he had to say (although it is good stuff - a recap of which you can check out here:, we were excited by the fact that one of his quotes was:

"We're in a brave new world. . ."

We'll forgive him (for now!) on forgetting to add the word "media" in there - but it's a good start!

Even better is the first sentence of this recap - which uses the whole phrase in saying:

"On Feb. 16, 2009 the switch will flip, and TV's conversion from an analog to a digital signal will usher in a brave new consumer-centric media world."

We're committed to having this phrase be part of the new media lexicon - so thanks to Mark and iMedia for helping us out.

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