Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been kicking myself for a while now about not getting back in the blogging saddle before now -- but life has a way of throwing a wrench in your plans!

And by "life" I mean the snowball effect that our current world economic state has caused. My most recent employer - a publicly traded, family owned, magazine-centric business (which some would consider three strikes right out of the gate) has been going through some challenging times for the better part of the last 12+ months, and recently informed its employees that it was taking some drastic measures in an effort to reduce expenses and "right the ship." Those measures included closing the posh NYC mid-town digs and centralization of its digital media operations to the company's HQ in Chicago (not exactly a digital media hotbed - but that's for another time!).

As a result of these moves, a decision was made that it was time for my employer and I to part ways -- an event which, to my surprise, got some press coverage - both on its own (http://tinyurl.com/dxlbrm) as well as part of subsequent moves at the company (http://tinyurl.com/dlfsmr).

It was a good 3+ year run but definitely time to move on . . . which in theory means I should have more time to dedicate to the business of writing a personal musings blog! The irony is that since I left, I've been busier than ever - a combination of enjoying the much-needed downtime with my family and talking to a ton of folks (VCs, industry headhunters, colleagues, companies, etc.) about the next potential gig. Needless to say it's been an interesting process - but I'll save that for the next post - so stay tuned!